What we do

Unplanned downtime from downhole or surface issues in artificial lift systems is detrimental to an operator’s productivity. Additionally, it is challenging to monitor and ensure optimal operational settings in all the artificial lift systems across a field 24x7. 

Our AI-based cloud software platform (provided as a web-based app/dashboard) acts as an intelligent assistant to help engineers and technicians addresses these challenges. It can be integrated to exisiting data collection and management systems to automatically monitor the "health" of artificial lift systems 24x7 and predict downhole or surface issues in advance to help operators plan for effective intervention strategies, reduce downtime and optimize maintenance budgets. It also provides auto-generated suggestions to alter the lift system settings when sub-optimal lift performance is detected.  

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Harness the Power of AI to Optimize Artificial Lift Performance

Our software platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) at the edge and cloud to maximize the ROI from artificial lift operations in oilfields


How we do it

Our cloud-based software platform uses machine learning, natural language processing  and computer vision algorithms to extract deep insights from data and documents related to artificial lift operations. 

Through our software, that can be plugged-in to existing oilfield data management systems, we build custom AI models specific to a lift operation. These models when deployed on real-time production data generate insights that are made available to the operator on an intuitive & interactive dashboard (web-based app), accessible via internet connected end-user devices. Features include:

  • Immediate, short-term and long-term failure prediction notifications (downhole and surface issues) 

  • 24x7 health metrics of the lift system

  • Optimized real-time lift system settings

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